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eSports Investment Projects

Anchors Technology involved in the eSports Games (“Electronic Sports”) investment projects since 2018, this digital entertainment has been growing rapidly across the globe.   Anchors involved in eSports Game investment globally for which large scale eSports is a form of competition (Tournaments and Leagues) using video games.  The investment ranging from development of eSports Competition Halls, video games, eSports facilities, industrial video-game development and assembly industry, pertinent real estate such as eSports Industrial Park and its subcultural sectorial growth.


自 2018 年以来, 安佳思科技参与电子竞技游戏("电子竞技")投资項目,这种数字娱乐在全球范围内发展迅速。  参与全球电子竞技游戏投资項目的发展,大规模电子竞技使用视频游戏的竞争形式(锦标赛和联赛)。 投资項目范围从电子竞技场馆、电子游戏、电子竞技设施、工业视频游戏开发和组装产业、相关房地产如电子竞技工业园及其子文化产业的发展等。

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